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The Humane Society of Marlboro County was contacted by the Marlboro County Sherif’s Office to help with a neglect case in Clio. The Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office says it has a warrant to arrest Wayne McCall, 45, of Clio for Animal Neglect after officers say he did not provide food and water for his four hounds, five pit bulls, one shepherd mix and a chihuahua. Deputies also found charred animal remains on the property.

Read more about here: http://www.carolinalive.com/directory/faith/story.aspx?id=931073#.UhZhd3_4d8E

We have found fosters for all but 2 bulldogs:
2 shepherd mixes (Both have foster)
3 bulldogs mixes (2 still need foster)
1 pregnant Bluetick hound (has foster and rescue)
1 chihuahua (in foster home)
1 horse (in foster care)

UPDATE: 8-11-13
The Walker Hounds were reclaimed by their owner after he provided proof of ownership to the Sheriff’s department. He is not the property owner (who is in custody.) The bluetick hound has foster and rescue and as soon as we have full custody will go to her rescue. The rest of the animals have been removed from the property. Some are in foster homes but we still need fosters for 3 bulldogs and 1 shepherd mix. We had to squeeze them into the shelter which was already packed and they need out ASAP. So if anyone can reach out to bulldog rescues that would be a tremendous help. We have never had any luck finding pit bull rescues to help with any of our bulldogs. (We have over 20 now). As soon as we receive full custody we can move them to rescue. Thanks for all your networking help!

UPDATE: 8-9-13:
The 3 Walker Hounds were reclaimed by an owner who presented proof of ownership to the Sherrif’s office. Overnight, one of the pit bulls in a kennel has gone missing. Overnight two new free roaming dogs have appeared on the property. We are working with the sherrif’s office and The Humane Society of the United States to remove these animals as quickly as possible but first we need a place to house them safely as we have zero room at the shelter.

Original Post: From an abuse/neglect case in Marlboro County. We will spare you the disturbing photos but at the scene are also burned remains, skulls and bones found in crates and a freshly dug hole. The dogs left are thin but do not appear emaciated. Custody of these dogs has been temporarily granted to The Humane Society of Marlboro County pending a hearing. We need to line up rescues as we have little doubt they will be fully released to us and we have NO ROOM at our shelter to take them in. They have all been fed and watered but we have no where to move them. More infor will be added when we have it. Please HELP!

Contact our officers at humanesocietyofmarlborocounty@yahoo.com or
Rescue Coordinator, Alyce Winn at mchsrescuecoordinator@yahoo.com

Donations to assist these dogs are gratefully accepted via Paypal on our website www.humanesocietyofmarlboro.org in the righthand column or via check mailed to P.O. Box 135, Bennettsville, SC 29512

The Humane Society of Marlboro County was contacted by the Marlboro County Sherif’s Office to help with a neglect case in Clio