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The Humane Society of Marlboro County operates on donations and through fundraising events. Please give a gift today and provide rescue, safety, medical care and the hope of a forever family to an abandoned animal.

Donate Online
You can donate via paypal in the right hand column>>. You do not have to have a PayPal account to do so.  Your donations go towards vetting, feeding and caring for the animals in our shelter. It costs an average of $300 per dog to get them up to date on all shots, spayed or neutered, fed and fostered and possibly transported to a rescue who has made a commitment for them. Even $5 can make a difference!

Mail a Check
You can also mail a check to P.O. Box 135, Bennettsville, SC 29512


What Your Gift Covers on Average

$5  Heartworm test, Heartguard Pill or Rabies Vaccine

$10 Bordatella Vaccine

$15 Microchip or one monthly Flea Medicine

$25 Bag of Dog Food or Neuter a Male Cat

$50 Spay a Female Cat or Neuter a Male Dog

$75 Spay a Female Dog

$100 A tray (25 count) of Distemper/Parvo vaccines or a large crate

$200 Gas and van maintenance for our van for the month.We use it to drive animals to rescue groups, adoption events and vet appointments.

$300 A 10X10 Kennel and Dog House

$400 Heartworm Treatment for a heartworm positive dog. This can mean the difference between a rescue stepping up to help a dog in need.


Grant Writer Volunteer: A professional grant writer could help provide funding to continue moving forward in our mission to build a new facility and hire shelter staff.

Land: On which to build a new shelter.



Purina Dog Chow, dry food
Purina Cat Chow, dry food
Leashes and Collars
Dog Bowls: Stainless Steel
Cat Litter
Litter pans
Dog Crates: X Large and Large Sizes
Cat Crates
Welded Dog Kennels: 10X10X6
Plastic Dog Houses
Disposable Gloves
Kong Dog Toys
Cat Toys

Thank you for your caring and support for these homeless animals.

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