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Volunteer! We are always in need of volunteers to do a variety of tasks such as walk dogs, play with cats, photograph animals, drive animals to appointments, data entry, photography, behavior testing, etc. Apply now to give us a hand and help us save lives! We can give you credit for service hours if needed.

Volunteer Application


Foster a Dog or Cat
You can foster for any amount of time!
2 Weeks: Many times animals designated to go to a rescue group must be quarantined for 10 days before they can cross state lines to go to their rescues.
1 Month: Often when a rescue steps up to take one of our animals we must provide a foster home here in SC while they make room in their community to receive them. This could be 2-4 weeks.
3 Months: If we are able to treat a dog for heartworms, they must be inside a foster home. Heartworm treatment can be painful and the dog should be in a climate-controlled, non-stressful environment. Heartworms are not contagious to your other pets. Treatment is about 60-90 days.

Animals are up to date on all their shots before they go to foster homes. We make sure they are not contagious in any way so as not to be a threat to your own animals. We may be able to provide you with a 10 X 10 X 6 Kennel and dog house if you choose to foster and want to keep your foster separate from your pets. If you are interested in fostering or have more questions, please fill out a Foster Application and a Humane Society representative will contact you.

Be a part of our Foster on Deck Program! This is a special list of fosters who have agreed to take a litter of puppies or kittens as soon as they are surrendered to the shelter so that they don’t have to spend a single night in the shelter. As someone surrenders a litter, we call the Foster on Deck to come pick them, then let the next person on the list know that they are up and to be ready. They can always pass if it is not a good time. Puppies and kittens are usually placed with rescues or adopters very quickly and being in a foster home keeps them healthy and well socialized. Just indicate on the Foster Application that you are interested.

Foster Application



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